Our main inspiration while creating collection was LOVE….living force which drives the world…passion, vitality…, looking into the future, red – colour of Cinobarit, which gave to people of this region for centuries daily bread, progress…Grey colour, colour of mercury, a color of mortality.. and soft gentile colour of sparkling vine, which is representing thin cotton fibre of laces, which from one generation to another means new beginnings made with love under hands of women of Idria.

Besides mercury, Idrija’s reputation spread around the globe also due to the famed Idrijan lace. This excellent domestic handcraft, which in many cases exceeded the level of mere dexterous handiwork and passed in to the area of veritable visual creativity and ornamentation, boasts a 300 – year – long tradition in Idrija. Lace making, which demands a great deal of knowledge, highly skilled hands, and countless hours of patience work, is becoming ever more appreciated both at home and throughout the world.
 handmade lace

idrian hand made lace

 sketch hand made lace
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Real Silk - Satin Corset, Kimono Robe, Brief


Satin Corset and Brief


Satin Kimono Robe and Slip Dress